Friday, December 25, 2015

"Magical Land"

Where abortions are plentiful. That's what Planned Parenthood's baby-killers wish for. Hey, PP: you already GOT it! How many babies do you kill every day? How many tiny organs do you sell? How many tiny arms and legs have you “ripped off” of those tiny dead bodies you've created?And you're not the only people to do that, since the Supreme Court made that fool decision that said killing babies before birth was NOT a crime, but was okay. They just can't understand why people who accused vets returning from Vietnam of being “baby killers” might not like REAL “baby killers?” I wonder how many “Einsteins” or “Ball Gates” they've killed? How many potential geniuses, who MIGHT have improved our lives a LOT were never given an opportunity to excel? How many BLACK babies (which seems to be the largest number of babies you've MURDERED) have you killed, as your founder envisioned? You just can't understand why people hate you for killing all those helpless infants, creating our own holocaust. I don't HATE you. I just have no USE for baby-killing monsters like you. I hope this country wakes up to reality and puts you in PRISON where you belong, (along with the Supreme Court Justices who started it all) and even EXECUTES you for the MURDERS you have committed. (Town Hall)

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