Sunday, December 13, 2015

Good Jihad Recruiting Tool

GITMO. That's the perennial excuse Obama and his henchmen give for not doing things to CRUSH the Islamic terrorists, who are killing innocent people daily, kidnapping and beheading others, raping and murdering CHILDREN (it's a “cultural thing” with them--the raping, I mean). So I guess we should stop pursuing MURDERERS because to apprehend, imprison, and execute them is such a “good recruiting tool: for other murderers to use in recruiting more murderers.” That's like his other infamous excuse for using $billions of our tax dollars to prop up failing businesses, that they are “too big to fail.” What he fails to mention is that if he closes GITMO, where is he going to put the “mass murderers” his people catch murdering people for not believing properly? He has to put them SOMEWHERE, unless he plans on not apprehending his friends any more. (News Max)

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