Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wrong Direction, As Usual

What is WITH our ignorant politicians, that their “knee-jerk reaction” to mass shootings is to try and disarm more honest, law-abiding Americans, thus making them completely DEFENSELESS when crazies come to kill us? In San Brenardino, California, the two shooters who KILLED 13 people and wounded 21 at that Christmas party could have shot and killed immediately if there had been a few guns there in the hands of the potential victims. The same is true in that Paris atrocity, both of which can be traced back to Obama's ALLOWING Muslim terrorists into this country (while France follows suit) against the expressed wishes of Americans. DISARMING us is NOT the way to self-defense. But Obama and his cronies are too stupid to know that—or their goal is to KEEP us disarmed, so we won't be much of a deterrent to the Islamic terrorists, whose way he is PAYING to come here to kill us, in the GUISE of “refugees.” He will not hear of objections to this, and even calls objectors “unAmerican,” or “racist.” But Americans know how to defend themselves. Which is why gun sales have gone “through the roof,” much to Obama's consternation. (Liberty Alliance)

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