Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Brazen Arrogance of Illegals

They used to be “in the shadows,” as their proponents allege. and that's okay. That's how it should be with lawbreakers. They should have to hide, be unable to find work so as to make money, and be “hunted,” all the time. Instead, one class of lawbreakers are DEMONSTRATING in front of the White House, with cops standing a few feet away, who can do nothing. They have been ORDERED to do nothing, by no less than the president. So instead of arresting these fools, they have to stand by and watch while they demonstrate, while they present DEMANDS, and pretend they have some rights in the United States.

Truth is, they HAVE no rights and, when they make trouble, as these people are doing, they should be arrested and charged, as American citizens would be. Instead, they're “coddled,” allowed to do mostly what they want, some even committing MURDER while the cops can do NOTHING, under orders from the TOP. That this makes it easier for Islamic terrorists to slip into America to do their killing, raping, and screwing little boys and girls, and it makes no difference to Obama. He doesn't care. As the death toll rises, he will blame it on something else and continue his policies that kill Americans. The man is a piece of excrement! (Town Hall)

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