Saturday, December 12, 2015

Celebrating Baby Killing

Recently, ABC aired a show PROMOTING Planned Parenthood and the murdering of unborn babies. They showed one scene that purported to be an abortion, murdering a baby to the song, “Silent Night.” They apparently don't realize the irony in this. But then, people who favor infanticide have no realization of irony. Bea Arthur, of the TV series that carried her name, used the show to PROMOTE abortion and make it legal, which was accomplished in 1973, when “Roe vs. Wade” was decided by the Supreme Court, making genocide of unborn infants “legal.” The fact that the vast majority of babies murdered by Planned Parenthood are BLACK doesn't dawn on anybody (but those racists in Planned Parenthood).

Apparently, only SOME “black lives matter.” Bea Arthur and the Supreme Court Justices who voted FOR baby killing should be imprisoned and executed for mass murder (if they weren't mercifully dead, already). As should the executives at ABC who approved running that series called, “Scandal,” that showed a purported abortion while playing “silent Night.” The show celebrated the birth of Christ while, at the same time, the purported KILLING of the baby of the star of the show, Kerry Washington. The whole show was an “hour-long advertisement” for Planned Parenthood and the murder of (mostly) black babies. There's a reason why most PP “clinics” are located in mostly black areas. (Liberty Alliance)

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