Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Widespread Incompetence

I've been talking about governmental incompetence, but the best evidence of it came in two announcements, today. First, in the State of Washington, they have released 3,000 criminals back on society early, over a 12 year period, due to a “computer glitch” (Obama is doing it on purpose, hoping that will reduce crime (giggle!) Nobody noticed until recently. Meanwhile, the IRS made $48 million dollars' worth of “questionable refunds,” again due to a “computer glitch and “ineffective monitoring.” But they don't really care. It's not their money. When going after it, they THINK it is, but not when their “fumble-fingered” computer “experts” lose $48 million dollars. It's different. I'm sure they have “frittered away” a lot more money in other sections of government, federal and local. Government bureaucrats are notorious for flubbing their jobs and not being punished. Why are they so incompetent? Because they only come in and “put in their time” to get their inflated salaries, and don't really care if the job gets done right. It was their mistake, but I'm sure they'll “go after” the people who got the wrong refunds as if they conspired to “victimize” the IRS. (Town Hall)

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