Friday, December 25, 2015

Proclaiming Her Stupidity (Again)

Hillary, it seems, goes out of her way to proclaim her abysmal stupidity about the things she SHOULD know about. Most recently she brayed, “Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism.” Even the most ignorant five-year-old knows that Muslims are the BASIC CAUSE of terrorism. Yet she can't see it. It's yet another reason NEVER to consider this fool as president. She keeps insisting we “are at war with a religion,” when in reality we are at war with TERRORISTS, all of whom HAPPEN to be Muslims (imagine that!). Being Muslim is their “cover.” they accuse us of “religious intolerance” every time we do or SAY anything against them. Their entire “religion” is a farce, set up by a “child-raper” to legitimize his pedophilia. Muslims, “good or bad,” accept screwing little boys and “marrying” little girls as young as SIX to old men who can't get any otherwise (except for rape, which seems to be okay in their “culture”). But to them, it is a “cultural thing” that we are supposed to ignore. Meanwhile, they kill their own daughters for talking to the wrong man and allow ANY man on the street to beat them if they show so much as a bare ANKLE! Of course, they'll want to kill ME for revealing this truth. (Town Hall)

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