Sunday, December 27, 2015

Twisting the Meaning, As Usual

Illinois lawmakers have passed a (thankfully non-binding) resolution calling for the United States to confiscate the guns of the “peasants” (my word). Based on the usual misreading and willfully TWISTING of the meaning of the :”militia clause” in the Second Amendment. of the Constitution. There WAS no “organized militia” at the time it was written, so the Founders could NOT possibly have meant that. They meant for ALL AMERICANS to be guaranteed arms so THEY could be “called up” to help defend the nation if it were ever needed. But anti-gun fools constantly TWIST the meaning of the Second Amendment, ignoring that factor, so they can disarm us and make us DEFENSELESS if we OBEY the law. Criminals will still have their guns, as usual, because they don't OBEY laws. That's why they're called, “criminals.” (Minuteman News)

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