Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Knee-Jerk Response"

Emphasis on “jerk.” Every time somebody kills a few people, Obama and his cronies “come out swinging”and calling for more of the same “gun control” laws that failed to stop the shootings he's responding to. That shows an unspeakable STUPIDITY on his (and their) part. They CAN'T be ignorant of the fact that these laws don't do a thing to stop gun violence, but they insist on making even more of them. They push background checks, which MIGHT do some good AFTER THE FACT if the guns used are LEGALLY bought, which they rarely are. They push “gun-free zones,” which are an “engraved invitation” to would-be mass shooters to come there and murder people.

Laws requiring things like gun locks and gun safes that make it impossible to get a gun into action fast enough for self defense against a criminal who already has his gun out and pointed. These laws ALL make it impossible for people to defend themselves and we get criticized for wanting to have the means for defending ourselves. This imbecile who CONNED his way into the Oval Office is bound and determined to make us DEFENSELESS. Why is that? Is he “in league” with the terrorists? Does he want to make sure federal agents don't run into guns when they come to TAKE what's ours? Is he a traitor to everything American? I think it's all of the above. (Just common sense)

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