Thursday, December 24, 2015

Did Hillary Lie?

Howard Dean is now telling us that, while ISIS itself is not using Trump- to promote recruiting, ISIS supporters ARE. Videos showing Trump's comments about Muslims are being circulated all over Islam-dom of Trump talking about banning Muslims from entering the USA. What that means is that they have had time since she made her crack about it. They've had time to CREATE some videos and distribute them. Whatever. It makes “no difference now.” Who cares what ISIS uses to recruit? They seized upon Trump AFTER Hillary made her THEN lying crack about it. But who cares what they use for recruiting? They'll use anything they can find, OR fabricate. We don't have to be careful not to do anything to “make them mad.” They're as mad as they're going to get. We FOUGHT BACK in the “Crusades,” and that's what has made them the maddest. Further, All America is not ALL Muslim, and that's what chaps them now. That's their ONE basic reason for hating us. They've said so, many times, but our crappy liberal politicians ignore it, citing “useless factors” like ISIS using videos of Trump in their ads, forgetting entirely and ignoring the fact that they use Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, too—and have been BEFORE her remark about Trump. They ignore the fact that neither Trump, NOR Obama Or Bill Clinton can control what ISIS uses to recruit more killers. (Town Hall)

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