Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Blinders Firmly On

Students at Vanderbilt University are “taking a page out of Mizzou's damfoolishness.” They're trying to boot a professor who had the temerity to write an article a few months ago in which she had the audacity to say the truth, that the Islamic terrorists were a definite THREAT. This, of course, goes against the crap they've been taught in their other classes, and by the liberal biased media, that Islamic terrorism is a “strictly local thing,” and represents no threat to America. It is this kind of myopic view that will, if it is allowed to continue, cause us to LOSE to the Islamic terrorists. They have a “friend in the white House,” so nobody dares say anything against his narrative. It'll take a while (I hope), but it will happen as long as Obama and his fellow liberals favor Muslims in everything they wish—and his politicians and courts likewise. (Hot Air)

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