Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Legal Guns the Problem?"

That's what Obama says. But if conservatives own 2 MILLION guns, 12 million rounds of ammunition, you'd know it. Why haven't we seen evidence of it? Because Obama is lying, as usual, to support his phony narrative. Why he wants to disarm honest, law-abiding people would be a mystery If I didn't already know Obama is a secret Muslim sympathizer, if he isn't a Muslim, period—a thing which he has CONFIRMED in public, several times. Why doesn't Obama “tumble” to this? Because he's too stupid, and has other purposes in mind, namely DISARMING as many Americans as he can when his thugs come to take what's theirs, so they won't run into a gun. He knows as long as many Americans are armed, he can't subjugate them and make slaves out of them. Adolph Hitler knew that as long as the people were armed, they were safe from efforts to enslave them. So he's working HARD to disarm honest people. (Survival Joe)

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