Saturday, December 19, 2015

Guns In Mosques

I've said it all along. Raid some mosques and find the nests of Islamic terrorists already IN America. But Obama refuses to do that because he's deathly AFRAID to “offend” Muslims, or is in "cahoots" with them. They effectively use their fear of “religious persecution” charges to keep him out while they plot murder and mayhem and stockpile the means to that end. But France is not so stupid. They raided a bunch of mosques and found HUNDREDS of guns and ammunition, as I accurately predicted. I'm just an old fart waiting to die. How is it I can see things better than the guy running the country? (I won't call him a man because I don't think that applies to him.) The NY Times talks about a “gun epidemic” in America. Are they talking about all the ILLEGAL GUNS in the hands of criminals and crazies? I don't think so. All they can see are the LEGAL guns being bought by frightened Americans who simply want the means to self-defense in the face of all those ILLEGAL guns out there. Yes, there IS a “gun epidemic” in America, but it is in ILLEGAL guns used to victimize honest people. Mass shootings ARE increasing. But murder, in general, is going DOWN. They can't explain that, so they ignore it. (Hot Air)

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