Thursday, December 10, 2015

Trump Backs Off (?)

He's “backing off” the “Muslim Registry” comments he didn't make at all. The whole idea was proposed by an unnamed “reporter” in a noisy room where Trump couldn't even hear what he said. That's a common scam for liberal reporters who want to make trouble for a candidate. Maybe he shouldn't have given him/her ANY answer so he/she couldn't twist it to get him in trouble. He did NOT say we needed a “database of Muslims.” He DID say we needed a database of “Muslim refugees” so we would, at least, know who they are when they start killing Americans, so we could apprehend them. This is only common sense on his part. We need to stop “coddling” those Muslims who come here to avoid “offending” people who are so easily offended we can do it by LOOKING at them wrong, or simply drawing a picture they don't like. Many of them are only here to BE "offended." (Cowboy Byte)

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