Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fighting To Be Stupid

Democrats are fighting over who is to be named “most stupid.” The proof is overwhelming that the terrorists causing the most death and destruction in the world. Beheadings, and raping of children, boys and girl children as young as six—or even younger, are a Muslim “cultural thing.” Of that there is no doubt for intelligent people. But Hillary, in her “wisdom,” says, “Let's be clear. Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people, and have nothing to do with terrorism.” Can she really BE that stupid? Or is she just pandering to that fool in the White House? The Islamic terrorists have made no secret of their involvement. They have even BRAGGED about it, saying things like, “Islam will rule from the White House one day!”

I think it's happening, now, beginning in 2009, when Obama took office. Which is one reason why Democrats refuse to acknowledge Muslim terrorism. Even so-called “peaceful Muslims” are bloodthirsty people who kill their own for the most minor “offenses.” Islam is not a religion, it is a scam, originally designed to “legitimize” it's founder's screwing of little children. And they are the MOST INtolerant people on the planet! And this terminally stupid woman wants to be president! Damn! I talk about stupid, incompetent politicians, and people like Hillary and Obama and Kerry prove it, every day, with every comment they make, as they go about braying their stupidity. (Town Hall)

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