Thursday, December 17, 2015

What's Wrong With the Secret Service?

Why are so many people not only getting over the White House fence, but at least one making it INTO a White House building before being caught by a low-level UNIFORMED SS man? Why were those two dilettante “gate-crashers” able to get within FEET of the president? And why were Secret Service men caught using prostitutes in a foreign country? If they did it there, are they doing it here, too? And why were two Secret Service agents involved in interfering with a Secret Service operation while drunk? That this puts the president in mortal danger goes without saying. Maybe the reason is that the Secret Service no longer CARES if Obama gets killed? He has done so many criminal things, maybe they no longer think keeping this high-ranking criminal alive is important? Maybe they'll suddenly get better at protecting a NEW president. (Town Hall)

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