Friday, December 4, 2015

"Trust the Left"

You can trust the left, to LIE in every case. I remember an anti-communist speaker I went to see one time, say, “You can trust the be communists.” Likewise today, you can trust the left, to LIE to you every time they open their mouths. In this specific case, it is about the causes of mass shootings in the United States. Each time they come out and try to blame the conservatives, even though the evidence proves them wrong, each time. At Ft. Hood, the feds are still calling it “workplace violence,” even though it has been amply proved that the shooter was an Islamic terrorist, “home-grown.” He, himself, made it plain. In the San Bernardino killings, they're trying to blame the NRA, even though the killers were so obviously Muslim terrorists, anybody who thinks otherwise is an imbecile. In the Colorado Springs outrage, they tried to blame the pro-life people generally, even after the killer was proven to be insane, with NO discernible ideology. In every case, even before the facts are in, they “go after” the right. That's how they operate: LIE and misrepresent everything. Because if they told the truth, the left would disappear. And last, the handguns used in the San Bernardino shooting WERE legal, had been legally purchased in California, the toughest state in the union on “gun laws.” So what the hell GOOD are they? (Town Hall)

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