Saturday, December 12, 2015

Indecent Laws

That's the RICO laws, that allow the government to just TAKE your money and property on a whim, to “pad” their budgets without the bother of raising taxes. Under the RICO laws, all they have to do is SAY you “might have gotten the money illegally (from drugs, or something) without even the bother of CHARGING you with a crime. You think it's not happening? Just read the article linked here, for details of how it is being done, every day. Oh, yes. You CAN go to court to get your money or property back—AFTER they take it all away so you can't afford to GO to court. Sometimes they agree to give SOME of it back if you agree NOT to sue to get the rest.

These laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but nobody has yet successfully gone to the Supreme Court to get a decision on it. And they won't, as long as the greedy politicians and police agencies can keep it from happening. I remember a case a few years ago where a sheriff wanted a rancher's land to build a new sheriff's office. He wouldn't sell, so they trumped up some charges to give themselves an excuse to raid his home. When he came out with a gun to defend his property, not knowing they were cops (he thought it was a “home invasion crime,” and it was), they killed him, and later bought the property dirt cheap from his widow after an intimidation campaign. (Survival Joe)

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