Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kerry: "Shut 'Em Up!"

Kerry can't answer the cogent questions he gets about global warming (under whatever name it is now going to more easily scam us) so he wants those opposed to his ignorant opinion “shut down” so they can no longer question his “wisdom.” Sounds like he's desperate, to me. He can't come up with any answers, and people keep asking them. Damn! That must be frustrating! Seems to me, if he could come up with any answers, he wouldn't NEED to “silence” global warming opponents with their “damnable LOGIC.” If he really thinks they CAN be “silenced, we need a new Secretary of State who understands the Constitution. He says, “Those damned climate change deniers put us all at risk, so they must be silenced.” (paraphrased) Really? There are as many REAL CLIMATE SCIENTISTS who disagree with his “learned” opinion as agree with him, so who should we believe? HIS “scientists” (who are bought and paid for by the grants of money he can approve) or the real ones, who aren't? If that's the way Kerry thinks, it's a good thing he didn't make it to the presidency. He's a worse fool than Obama is, and HE needs to be “shut up.” (Minutemen News)

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