Saturday, December 26, 2015

"To Stop Terrorists"

Hillary says we have to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines to stop terrorism.” Damn! Could this bi-ch be more STUPID? Does she really think a ban on their weapons will stop the Islamic terrorists from coming here and killing innocent people? They PLAN on violating laws, including the laws of nature, so why would they OBEY one that says their weapons cannot be used? Maybe we could point them at her so she can feel the results of her damned foolishness. And this woman wants to be president? Only somebody as stupid as she is would think she is, in any way, qualified to be president. And that's IGNORING the stupidities represented by her other proposed policies. If this is the best the Democrats have to offer outside of that ADMITTED socialist, Bernie Sanders, we're in a LOT of trouble if she has ANY chance of winning the general election. Usually, it's the Republicans who put up a weak candidate. This time, it's the Democrats. This woman has NOTHING to recommend her to be president of this great nation. Nothing. Except maybe overhearing her hubby make his major mistakes while he was in office, before he was impeached and emasculated as president. (Washington Times)

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