Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Taking Direction From Rush

In his Sunday interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh said the way to destroy ISIS is to attack their oil production and delivery because that's where most of their money is coming from (other than oil money from Arabs, that is). The very next day, several countries started bombing their oil sites and oil trucks. The reason we didn't do it before (and still don't do it much) is because Obama was/is afraid we might kill some civilians, forgetting entirely that ALL Muslim terrorists ARE civilians. And those drivers are an integral part of their oil delivery system. Obama is just barely doing it, after giving those drivers a 45 minute warning they were about to be bombed. During WWII did we “warn” Dresden, or the two places where we dropped atom bombs—the acts that won the war? Not a chance. He forgets that in a war, civilians get killed. Even if they AREN'T directly involved. And especially when the enemy PURPOSELY puts civilians in the line of fire, as Islamic terrorists do. (Tea Party Politics)

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