Tuesday, December 1, 2015

They're Really Frightened!

The liberal media has tried many things to “trump Trump,” and none of it has worked. They're getting desperate and going bananas! Just listening to a montage of recent media cracks about Trump shows a lot of frustration. Now they're loading the media guns with “triple loads” of racism, even though that has never worked. It must have cost the networks a lot of money to clean the spittle off the walls around them as they spouted off, trying their best (which isn't nearly good enough) to destroy him, and his numbers continue to go up. They explode with glee when one day he TEMPORARILY seems to be losing ground, then he picks up speed and passes everybody up, again and they wet their pants (panties). Their tactics don't work because Trump doesn't “knuckle under” like most politicians. They jab him and he blows them to hell. They have a very wide definition of racism, today, under which only THEY can escape the racist tag. And that has destroyed racism as a successful insult. Remember, Politico has been caught TWICE lying about Trump. (Politico)

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