Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Mass of Contradictions

Liberals just aren't logical. Everything they want, everything they DO defies logic. Their every idea is a contradiction. They call US racists and bigots for not wanting hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists disguised as “refugees” to come here (on our nickle, thanks to Obama) and kill many of us. They think every man accused of sexual assault should be considered guilty....except Bill Clinton. They think holding terrorist murderers at GITMO is terrible, but say NOTHING about them, raping and beheading women and children (of both sexes). They say, “Black Lives Matter” and bristle when someone says “ALL Lives Matter.” They call us racists and bigots every time we turn around, but think nothing of their HATRED of Ted Cruz and Justice Thomas.

Then they favor funding an organization that MURDERS thousands of babies, every year. They think negotiations with the Islamic terrorists is possible, but negotiating with the NRA is impossible. They think making a LAW against gun ownership will stop CRIMINALS from getting guns ILLEGALLY. They actually think the way to self defense is to make yourself DEFENSELESS by getting rid of your guns. These, and more, are things ALL liberals think. That's why they're liberals. They're not liberals because we say they are, but are because of their ILLOGICAL ideas—which they insist on FORCING upon all of us. The linked article gives even more examples. (Town Hall)

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