Monday, December 28, 2015

Controlling What You Can Say

That's what liberals try to do. Liberal CNN host Don Lemon abruptly cut off the interview when his guest refused to condemn Trump for bringing up Bill Clinton's rapes and sexual attacks on women, while his (Clinton's) wife did all she could to “eviscerate” all the women he victimized in his evil, "zipper down" career. But it backfired, in that the guest was able to tell the world about it, during many other interviews in less biased news sources. That action just proved that if you didn't cooperate and say what THEY want, they'd “shut you down” and shut you up. Unfortunately for them, they no longer control what's disseminated in the news today, and they HATE that with a passion. That's why they hate Fox so much. Controlling what people say is the basic reason why they started “political correct speech.” If you say ANYTHING they don't like, they call it “hate speech.” If you say anything against their favorite fools, Islamic terrorists, they call it “religious persecution” or "racism." But the most “religious persecution” comes from MUSLIMS in countries they control. (Town Hall)

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