Sunday, December 27, 2015

GOP Finances Baby Killing!

And not only that, it fully funds Obamacare, after fully funding Planned Parenthood, If they pass the latest funding bill (which they did). The Republicans pledged to refrain from even THINKING about impeachment, OR defunding ANYTHING Obama wants. In other words, Obama can do ANYTHING he wants and the GOP will pay for it, and will NOT impeach him, notwithstanding the fact that he has committed MANY impeachable offenses. Now the taxpayer is paying fully for everything Obama wants. Who is it running things “behind the scenes” (George Soros, maybe?) who could have accomplished that? Considering what the Republicans are doing, there might as well NOT be a Republican Party! SOME powerful person is “running things” from a back room (or a “high tower”) somewhere. Otherwise, the GOP would NOT “rubber stamp” everything Obama wants. They are supposed to be “the opposition party! Now it's the “Rubber Stamp Party.” George Soros' money is behind everything bad that happens in this country, which is why I think it's probably behind this. If this kind of action continues, we will soon see the END of the Republican Party. It will surely go the way of the Whigs. (Breitbart)

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