Monday, December 14, 2015

Are You On The "No Fly List?"

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you were, The reasons for putting you on it are very FLUID, allowing Obama to designate just about anybody to be on it, and stop them from owning guns. Especially since now Obama is using the no fly list and the “terrorist watch list” as an excuse to stop everybody on them from buying guns. The no fly list had only 47,000 names on it when Bush left office. But it skyrocketed to 700,000 under Obama (so far). Steven Hayes, a senior writer for The Weekly Standard, a publication I'm sure Obama regards as one of his enemies, and is a Fox News contributor, is on it. That tells me I'm probably on it, too--or will be, soon. The reasons stated in their 166 page description of how the names to go on that list are decided probably, knowing Obama, includes ANYBODY who writes something he doesn't like, as I do, every day.

That document is so loosely written and vague he can put ANYBODY on it. What it is, is yet another way to stop people from owning guns, without his having to pass a new law, in contravention of the U. S. Constitution. He doesn't mind violating the Constitution, but only when he can't find a way to get his way without doing it. I expect these lists to grow exponentially as Obama finds more and more people who don't agree with him and puts their names on it. Liberals (and conservatives) raised a lot of hell when they found out about Nixon''s “enemies list,” but they won't about these lists, because he can explain them away. But these lists are clearly being used as an “enemies list.” But the worst part of it is that they don't have to tell you if your name is on one of these lists and you'll never find out until you try to fly or do something else they don't like. (Town Hall)

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