Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Spitting Against the Wind"

Jeb Bush, who remains at about 3% in the Republican presidential primary vs. Donald Trump, who has led ever since the day he declared his candidacy, and whose support continues to grow daily, says, “Trump will soon begin to fail.” The ignorance this displays is monumental. Maybe if he was “neck-in-neck” with Trump, somebody might take him seriously. But actually, it is BUSH who will “never be president,” unless the GOP pulls off a spectacular “dirty trick” to successfully ruin Trump's chances illegally. They say Trump is “not a serious candidate.” That reveals that they are FOOLS. Trump is the one who has the BEST CHANCE of winning, but they're AFRAID of him because they can't CONTROL him. The Democrats make “big hay” out of Hillary having higher numbers than Trump, but ignore the fact that she only has opposition from an admitted SOCIALIST and a nameless nobody when Trump has more than ten other well known candidates to dilute his numbers. (Town Hall)

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