Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Many Imbeciles

There are way too many imbeciles around, today. Many of them are anti-gun fools who think making a LAW saying a criminal can't be armed will make him OBEY that law when he obeys no other. Then there are the fools who follow AlGore's “global warming religion.” (Oh. I forgot. He now calls it “climate change” because the scam no longer worked under the old name). Finally, Obama took up the mantle of a global warming priest and has been selling it to equally incompetent global leaders all over, who saw immediately what a great swindle it was, in that it allowed them to take more power and tax their citizens for more money while claiming to be doing something good. What amazes me is how many people can be so amazingly STUPID as to buy that horse manure. People who are SUPPOSED to be intelligent, but are sublime imbeciles. Recently, all THREE networks devoted 15 minutes to promoting global warming, and you know how much money 15 minutes of national TV air time is going for. That this will create more global warming imbeciles is evident. The more fools push it, the more imbeciles will buy it. And it will continue to spread like the plague. (News Busters)

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