Sunday, December 13, 2015

Out Fascist Government

Obama has just announced 3, 425 new regulations, all in one swoop. Not laws, REGULATIONS. 7,500 pages of them. They are EDICTS from him. Not passed by Congress. In a Fascist society, citizens can OWN their property, but their use of it is CONTROLLED absolutely by REGULATIONS. Also, Fascism is yet one more version of COLLECTIVISM (socialism). By releasing so many regulations, all in one piece, he has “transformed” this country into a socialist, Fascist society.. But don't expect him to admit that. He will deny it to his dying day. This is a good example of how much damage a fool like Obama can do, not in the last YEAR of his term, but in ONE DAY!

He will call anybody who calls it that a fool. A racist, maybe even a terrorist!  Anything else he can call it to avoid answering the charge. This is the FIFTH time he has released a bunch of new regulations on the eve of a major holiday when people's attention is centered on the holiday and are not paying any attention to what he's doing. There are enough new regulations out there now to transform this entire society, and we have no idea what's in them (until they affect us). There has been NO debate over them, and the only people who know what's in them are the UNELECTED bureaucrats who wrote them. We will only find out what's in them when they are “enforced” upon us. (Daily Caller)

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