Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Answering Stupid Accusations

Liberal Democrats keep saying stupid things about the Republicans, and the Republicans keep taking them seriously and answering them as if they meant something. Things like “Republicans are out to destroy women. How stupid is that? Why in the HELL would the Republicans WANT to “destroy women? The same thing applies to their saying that Republicans want to get rid of “old folks.” That's another stupid allegation. Why in HELL would they WANT to “get rid of old folks?” There's no gain in that for anybody. It's time we started ignoring their inane ideas and got rid of Democrats in government. They continue to make these stupid allegations, and they get them re-elected because they're calculated to frighten people. They keep saying the Republicans want to get rid of Social Security, while they DO IT. Every single reduction in Social Security has come under Democrats. Check it out. They say the Republicans are the RACIST party, hoping we'll forget that DEMOCRATS fought the Equal Rights Amendment tooth and nail, even filibustering it. That Jim Crow and his accomplices were DEMOCRATS, and the people blacks were demonstrating against were Democrats. That many Democrat members of Congress have even been members of the KKK. Some still are. One day, even the fools who “pay no attention to politics” will “wise up: and toss these fools on the trash heap, where they belong. (Feministing)

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