Thursday, December 3, 2015

Obama Is Bamboozled

And he wants us to be bamboozled, right along with him. He says “global warming is more dangerous to us than Islamic terrorism.” What a damned fool notion THAT is. Global warming is AlGore's SWINDLE. One that has scored BILLIONS of dollars for him. It's all based on the phony idea that global warming is CAUSED by man, and can be STOPPED by man when it is really CYCLICAL. The globe has been warming and cooling in CYCLES for as long as the Earth has existed—and man is NOT going to be able to change it. It's all part of Obama's scheme to divert our attention from the danger of Islamic terrorism while he works to make it worse. To keep our attention OFF his importing hundreds of thousands of military-aged Muslim MEN and few women, children, or old people so they can make war on us right here on 'Main Street.” He WANTS them to win, and that has become more and more obvious with each one of his actions to help them do it. (Breitbart)

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