Thursday, December 3, 2015

Get A Gun

If you can legally buy a gun, do it. If you can't do it legally, do it, anyway. Be ready (If liberal fools can tell their friends to kill cops, I can tell you that). Obama is importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists for the Muslim “invasion” of the United states. It's only a matter of time before they stage an atrocity in America like the one in Paris, where they murdered about 150 innocent people, using only six men (maybe they already have). Two more went elsewhere and did their own killing. If many more honest Parisians had been armed, their attack would have been a lot less successful, especially if these people had been properly trained.

I think one of the THREE terrorists who invaded that concert hall died immediately because ONE MAN, a motorcycle gang member, had a gun (they all have guns), and shot back. The other two probably killed him after he killed the third attacker, but if there was more than one gun in the hands of the attendees, maybe it would have gone differently. Islamic terrorists don't pick on armed military men as a rule—they die quickly of they do—they go for “soft targets." Groups of unsuspecting, mostly not armed civilians who just aren't ready to fight back. We need to change that, and create more TRAINED, and armed people to oppose them.

They usually fail if they attack somebody in Israel, because just about everybody is armed, and TRAINED there. We need to be trained and armed, likewise. All of us. I'm 78, but I will be armed, and I was trained, many years ago, in the military. It's a WAR, people! And we need to be ready to fight it, right here on Main street. It's not like any other war in memory, after the American Revolution. They're INVADING us, in secret, with Obama's help, in the guise of a “refugee movement" that contains very few women, children, or old people. Just young, military age men. (Bearing Arms)

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