Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Democrat Corruption

A Democrat in Massachusetts politics was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He had embezzled from a tax supported bus company he owned, and was thus required to disclose his financial assets before being sentenced. Which he did. Only he forgot to mention the ONE MILLION DOLLARS he had secreted in safety deposit boxes all over Massachusetts. So now he's in even more trouble. Not only with local authorities, but with the IRS, which always insists on THEIR CUT of the “spoils.” U. S. Marshals found the cash, and have added some more charges to his corruption. Now he not only is going to have to go to prison, he won't have his million dollar cache of money to sustain him after he gets out. And worse, he'll still owe IRS a lot of money. I found this out on the Daily Caller, who learned it from LOCAL media. Will you see it in the national media? Doubtful. He's a DEMOCRAT, after all. (Daily Caller)

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