Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Truer Words Never Spoken

I've always liked editorial cartoonist Gary Varvel, not necessarily because he works for my hometown newspaper, but because he “hits the nail right on the head” so often, and so succinctly. His December 2 cartoon carries out that tradition. Those in favor of murdering babies (most of them black) and ripping off their limbs and other parts to sell say he's ”representative” of people in the “pro-life movement.” How sickeningly STUPID can you be? I've always known people who can justify INFANTICIDE in their minds for the “convenience” of the parents ARE stupid. But I didn't imagine the DEPTHS of their stupidity. They say the deranged shooter in Colorado Springs thinks we should KILL Planned Parenthood members, blaming ALL “pro-lifers” for the actions of ONE deranged MAN, while trying to justify Islamic terrorists by saying we shouldn't judge an entire group by the actions of a deranged few. (Town Hall)

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