Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Shutting Us Up"

That's what global warming religion acolytes want to do. Some of them are making up a list of “deniers” and telling their friends to send them an e-mail including the following words: “The evidence of climate change is overwhelming — and the science is clear. 97% of climate scientists agree that it is real and man-made. The latest National Climate Assessment states that climate change “has moved firmly into the present. It’s already impacting communities across the country in the form of more frequent and severe weather like droughts, storms, floods, heat waves, and wildfires.” There's only one problem with that: it's all a bunch of horse manure. First of all, the :percentage” of climate scientists who “agree” keeps changing every time I see it quoted. And their “97% is not of the TOTAL number of real climate scientists. Only the ones they were able to pay off with grants for their “research.” The “evidence” on climate change (AlGore's new name for it since the old one didn't fool us any more) IS “overwhelming" that global warming is NOT man-made, but cyclical, and nothing man can do will appreciably affect it, for good or ill. They wet their pants (panties) when we prove it with FACTS, including the fact that the “globe” has NOT been warming for almost 20 years. They're tired of us “shutting them down” and just want to shut us up. Some of them even want to PROSECUTE “deniers” for disagreeing with them. (Last Resistance)

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