Sunday, December 13, 2015

What's So Different About Trump?

Many Republicans, including top members, are “rebelling” against Donald trump ever getting the nomination and, worse, becoming president. Many of them say confidently, “Trump will never be president!” What the hell is WRONG with Trump that they should so disabuse their FRONT RUNNER? The man who probably will “wipe the floor” with Hillary, or whatever other misfit the Democrats nominate? They've nominated many DUDS in the past, guaranteeing them a LOSS in many elections. What have they got AGAINST Trump? Yes, he's brazen. Yes, he's loud. Yes, when anybody attacks him with a knife, he counter-attacks with a Howitzer. We NEED that kind of man in the presidency. Not the wimp we now have. To say “Trump will never be president” suggests, to me, that they plan something underhanded to make sure he loses the nomination, even if a majority of “rank and file” Republicans vote for him. Do they really think that, being TOP Republicans allows them to go against the MAJORITY of “rank and file Republicans?”

Does he frighten them so badly they wet their pants (panties) at the very thought of him winning? Are they so afraid he'll “upset their little applecarts” that they'll do ANYTHING, even if it's ILLEGAL, to stop him? Is it because he's richer than the rest of them and doesn't NEED their money, so is immune to their attempts to control him? They say Trump has no chance to win, directly in the face of the fact he IS winning. Are they “whistling past the graveyard?” Do they know that he not only CAN win, but probably WILL, and they just don't want to face it, because it will mean the END for them? I, for one, am gaining more and more respect for this loud, boorish man who can, and WILL win if they don't sabotage him in an underhanded way, which they have been known to do in the past, when somebody “displeases” them. On what basis do they say so confidently that Trump CAN'T win when he clearly IS winning? Do they know of a plan in the works to SABOTAGE his campaign? Some people even talk of KILLING Trump. That smacks of DESPERATION. What are they so frightened of? What kind of FOOLS are running the Republican Party? (Vice)

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