Thursday, December 24, 2015

They Don't Want Hillary

Word is, Democrats want Democrats to retain (or regain) control in DC. They just don't want Hillary. So who's left? One basically UNKNOWN former governor who is literally UNKNOWN outside his state, and Bernie, an ADMITTED socialist. Do they really WANT for this country to become socialist? Are they THAT gullible? I'm sure Democrats are. Hopefully, there are enough Republicans out there to cancel them out, for a change, making elections so far apart their vote-stealing, ballot box stuffing, and “dead people voting” can't swing it to their side. They can't foist a FOOL on us as they did 7 years ago. The current Democrat administration (Obama) has come very close to DESTROYING this country. He has certainly spent more money than ALL presidents who came before, more money than there IS. It has set us up for a LOCAL “war against Islamic terrorism” by not only ALLOWING in thousands of “Syrian refugees,” most of whom are male and of fighting age, with FEW women, children, or old people among them, and, in some cases, even paying their passage! (Town Hall)

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