Sunday, January 17, 2016

An Increaase In Gun Violence?

That's what anti-gun fools say. They say if everybody is allowed to be armed, there'd be an increase in “gun violence.” They're right. But not in the way they imagine. There would be a TEMPORARY increase while armed honest people killed of the ILLEGALLY armed criminals who “didn't get the memo” and try to victimize them. Then it would end, when all the ILLEGALLY armed criminals are in boxes, underground. Then the honest people truly wouldn't need their guns. Those anti-gun fools really think honest people will “go nuts” and shoot each other over trifles. But the reality is, ILLEGALLY armed criminals do it, already. Which is why there IS so much “gun violence,” and will continue to be as long as the politicians keep us unarmed and defenseless. (Just common sense)

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