Sunday, January 24, 2016

I Just Don't Understand

Why the American government bends over backwards (or frontwards) to accommodate Muslims because they CLAIM to be a “religion,” after Muslims flew four airplanes into three buildings and one cornfield, killing almost 3,000 innocent people in ONE DAY, all because they don't believe the way they think they ought to. And people are still dying from this action, 16 years later. Most are the “first responders” to that atrocity who are STILL dying of illnesses traced to 9/11. Muslims whine about Americans treating them shabbily, just as if Muslims didn't treat more than 3,000 innocent people shabbily on Sept. 11, 2001 by KILLING them. And Muslims continue to treat non-Muslims shabbily to this day. Meanwhile, American courts FAVOR them in their frivolous lawsuits for IMAGINED ills while considering making UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws to punish people who tell the TRUTH about their depredations.

A good example of this is the lawsuit Muslim truck drivers filed after being fired for refusing to deliver alcohol when they KNEW when they were hired that was part of the job. They won a six-figure judgment in that suit, and that's only ONE of the frivolous suits they have filed, and have won, when gullible judges lined up on their side. And these are the “PEACEFUL Muslims.” Meanwhile those “not-so-peaceful Muslims” KILL people all over the world, and increasingly in the United States for not believing in their phony “religion.” They still wonder why Muslims have a “bad name” in the United States, and elsewhere. I'll tell you why. It's IMPOSSIBLE to tell the difference between the “peaceful Muslims” who will only SUE you for imagined ills or maybe crap- in your kid's pool (they've done it), and the “not-so-peaceful-Muslims who will KILL you for looking at them wrong or saying something they don't like—or the BIG ONE, not being a Muslim, until they KILL someone.

They think they can do these things and Americans will not react. They call Americans keeping a close watch on them “bigotry,” or “religious intolerance,” or “racism,” even so they are NOT a “race.” They think Muslims can KILL people and other Muslims will; not suffer because of it. I call it “common sense,” All religions think members of other religions will “go to hell” when they die, but only ONE will HELP them die for not believing in THEIR religion. (Just common sense)

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