Monday, January 18, 2016

Why's Hillary Still Running?

I don't think we've ever before had a serious candidate for president with THREE or more congressional investigations and an FBI CRIMINAL investigation into her practices, who is STILL being taken seriously as a candidate. But then, that's not at all unusual for a Democrat. There are so many of them who are just like her in the Democrat Party (I call it the Democrat Party because there's nothing “Democratic” about it), just about anybody they pick will be in a similar position. If a REPUBLICAN had so many negatives in his background (and current-ground), he/she'd have long since been forced out because of the DIN Democrats would have raised.

Democrats are still pushing her enough to keep her NEAR the front. If she is indicted BEFORE she's nominated, MAYBE she'll be forced to drop out, once and for all. But I hope not. She'll be so easy to CRUSH in the election. So will Bernie and Whosis, but I'd like to see it happen to HER. Do I dislike the woman? Absolutely! What's not to dislike? She's never done anything good, and many things bad, many of which have gotten people KILLED—and she's LIED about it. She's almost as good a liar as is Obama. But at some point, we HAVE TO realize she's a CRIMINAL, and should NEVER be seriously considered for president, woman or not. Being a woman doesn't mean she should be automatically elected. There's a woman on the GOP side, too. But she's a “backmarker,” and nobody's crying about her being a woman. (Town Hall)

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