Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's Obama's Failings!

People blame everything BUT the real reason for Trump's rise to the leadership in the GOP side, in the race for the GOP nomination to run for president. They say he's “too loud,” that he is too “thin-skinned,” and other nasty things. They TWIST everything he says to THEIR advantage. Example: SC Governor Nikki Haley in her “rebuttal” to Obama's “State of the Union” never even MENTIONED Obama (in any meaningful way), but took Trump to task for wanting to apply a “religious test” to immigration when letting just ANY Muslim in is tantamount to importing DEATH. She apparently can't figure that out, for herself (you liberals, now call me a “woman-hater”).

But it is Obama's FAILINGS as president that has resulted in the effort to elect a NON-POLITICIAN to the presidency. As to his being “too loud” or “too thin-skinned,” what the hell's wrong with that? OBAMA is “famously” thin-skinned, but doesn't really FAIRLY retaliate. He goes behind people's backs with IRS audits. But “firing back” with an “A-Bomb” is the kind of response we WANT in a president, not the TEPID “nasty notes” Obama sends when someone OUTSIDE the United States angers him. Trump doesn't NEED the money the GOP can offer an office-holder, so the GOP leadership wants no part of him, even to the point of supporting a DEMOCRAT! How damned STUPID is THAT? (Town Hall)

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