Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Everybody Hates Trump

Except the masses that fill his meetings, of course. Even Nicky Haley, governor of South Carolina, in her speech after Obama's “lie-fest” before Congress, otherwise known as the State of the Union. Apparently, she's “right on board” the “hate Trump” bandwagon. It's really strange to me how an entire political party (at least their leadership) would be against their own front-runner, even to the point of saying they'll vote for the DEMOCRAT front-runner if Trump gets the nomination. How STUPID is that? I guess they just don't want to win this election. What's their excuse? They say he's “not a Republican.” On what do they base that? The fact that he has never been in politics before? How about Dwight Eisenhower? He spent his career killing people and breaking things before he became president, and he is universally regarded as one of our BEST presidents. They just know they can't control him because he doesn't need their money, and CONTROL is what the party “bigwigs” are all about. (Hot Air)

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