Friday, January 22, 2016

Ho, Hum. Another "Investigation"

Congress has launched yet ANOTHER “dog and pony show” (investigation) intro Hillary's e-mail practices. That's outside the FBI's CRIMINAL investigation. They already have enough to put her UNDER the jail for the next 100 years. But NOBODY has seen fit to bring any CHARGES against her, and probably won't until after the election, so as not to mess up her chances of becoming president. If she wins, forget it. If she loses, I STILL doubt they will bring charges. She's “royalty,” after all. Ordering a flunky to strip the “classified markings” from some e-mails, so she could say she never SENT a classified e-mail, is by itself, enough. But will it be? They're dumping millions of dollars into three or four “investigations,” while coming up with NOTHING, according to them. But we're more intelligent than they are. (Town Hall)

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