Sunday, January 31, 2016

Forced Conversion to Islam

That's right. In America. In Maryland, to be exact. The school allowed her to spend ONE DAY learning about Christianity, and then TWO WEEKS “immersed in teachings about Islam.” I thought schools weren't even allowed to BREATHE the word “religion.” At one point, the class was told to say, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is His messenger,” which is all that is needed to CONVERT to Islam in the eyes of Muslims. They were also forced to learn the “Five Pillars of Islam,” and were subjected to disparaging teachings about Christianity. The father of one child, a former Marine, is suing the school for doing this. Parents should be ever vigilant about indoctrination of their impressionable children in the teachings of Islam while disparaging Christianity. This Marine was BANNED from the school grounds after complaining about this. That's part of his suit. This kind of thing is happening in schools across the country (why it is allowed, I don't know), and it needs to be STOPPED. I'd say the same if the kids were being indoctrinated about Christianity while Islam was being denigrated. Religious teachings, saying good things about one and disparaging the other is NOT allowed in American schools. (Patriot Update)

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