Thursday, January 28, 2016

Another No-Account Clinton

Hillary's pulling out all the stops. She really needed SOMETHING other than her “zipper down” husband. So—enter Chelsea, who has done nothing in her life except go to work for a TV network doing little or nothing for a huge salary so her mother will help them stay solvent while others are failing. Oh, yeah—she had a kid. That must have been really hard, since so few women do it, ya know (sic). She says Bernie will destroy Obamacare—and that's supposed to be bad? She's in favor of a “woman's right to choose,” which is a euphemism for killing babies. She went after Bernie and whosis—the other Democrat in the race, whatever his name is. If she's in favor of women being able to say what happens to their own bodies, why doesn't she talk in support of prostitution? “She said Sanders would “dismantle” Obamacare, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and Medicare — along with private insurance programs… Er, isn't that what Obamacare has DONE? I figure in a few years, Chelsea will be running for president, on her own. And the way her life has been given to her on a silver platter, she'll probably make it—unless we can destroy the Democrat Party once and for all this year. (Hot Air)

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