Saturday, January 16, 2016

Dems Promote Sharia Law In U. S.

They're trying now to get a law passed in violation of the constitution to prohibit “hateful words toward Muslims.” Never mind “hateful words” are a constitutionally protected speech. Sharia gives Muslims the right to DECIDE what is “hateful words” toward them. The law would be so wide open, it would allow them to say ANYTHING is “hateful words toward Muslims.” If this law is passed, ANY group could punish ANYBODY who speaks against them. Outfits such as Nazis or the KKK, or even a politician. Allowing this is letting the Muslim “camel's nose under the tent,” and will result in sharia law being widely accepted by the fools that run this country. Muslims, of course, will jump on my mention of a camel as being racist, and "hate speech toward Muslims" so they won't have to argue on the real merits of this situation. (Tea Party Journal)

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