Saturday, January 2, 2016

Made To Order Weather

The weather these days is “made to order” for the global warming/climate change "religion." When it was found that the “globe” had not been “warming” for almost 20 years, the term, “global warming” no longer worked. People LAUGHED when they tried to attribute COLD weather to global warming. So they had to change it, so that ANY weather anomaly could be attributed to it. Enter “climate change.” Now, with unseasonably WARM weather in New York and its environs, coupled with extreme COLD in the West, plus ELEVEN tornadoes and massive floods in Texas, they now have things they can use to SWINDLE even more money out of gullible people who can be made to BELIEVE it is MAN-MADE “climate change.” What they don''t tell you is that it was WARMER on Christmas in 1959 than it was in New York this year. We don't remember that, unless someone who was paying attention at that time reminds us—and the global warming acolytes tell us they're lying and want to put ALL global warming “deniers” in prison or kill them. Anything to shut them up so they won't have to fabricate false “facts” to “keep up- appearances.” (Just common sense)

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