Monday, January 11, 2016

Not Legal, So Illegal

Obama can't legally take away our gun rights. He has tried, numerous times in Congress, and failed. He has even acknowledged that failure, saying, “My biggest regret in my administration is my failure to take America's gun rights away from them (My words, not his. He said it differently.).” There's no LEGAL way he can do that, so he's going to do it ILLEGALLY. What do laws matter to him? He has violated laws and the Constitution many times, and gotten away with it. Now he's going to try “the big one.” He forgets what happened the last time a government tried to take away America's guns. King George tried it, and he got a WAR. A war he LOST, against forces he THOUGHT would be easy to defeat, and which created this “free country.”

If Obama thinks he can succeed, even ILLEGALLY, he's got another think coming. No matter how much firepower he can command. Americans, most of which this country's military TRAINED. He can't beat a bunch of ragtag Islamic terrorists, and he SURE can't beat Americans. I'm just waiting for the rebellion to start, while America still has their guns. Guess who will be the first to go when that happens. There are always some stinky rear ends willing to trample on people's rights for a “taste of power,” but I'm betting there are many more Americans who won't stand for it, and they're still armed. Be afraid, Obama. Be VERY afraid! Real Americans are coming! (Town Hall)

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