Monday, January 4, 2016

No "War On Christianity?"

Many liberals laugh at you when you talk about a “war on Christianity,” but there IS one. They know it, but they deny it. It's REAL when people complain about the “Ten Commandments” being displayed, ANYWHERE. When fire departments FIRE their chief when he expresses religious tenets. When representations of the birth of Christ are protested in many places. When liberals make a scene when you wish them “Merry Christmas” and insist you say, “Happy Holidays.” My own nephew posted a “Christmas greeting” on Facebook, that read, “Happy Xmas to all.” As this kind of thing expands, Muslims rejoice. They're in the process of DESTROYING every vestige of Christianity in America.

And they're getting help from many Americans who allow MUSLIM vestiges where Christianity is not allowed. Like SCHOOLS, where children are forced to recite, “Allah is the only God” or get a failing grade. In schools, where children cannot learn about Christianity by law, while they can be forced to learn the Muslim “Five Pillars.” and to read the Koran (at least the “sanitized version” provided by the Imam). If telling the truth about Muslims is “Muslim hatred,” I'm guilty. Though I don't HATE anybody. I just have no use for their PHONY “religion” that was STARTED by a man who “married” a six-year-old girl—although he didn't have sex with her until she was NINE (he says). Pedophilia seems to be part and parcel of the Muslim “religion.” It's a “cultural thing” we're supposed to ignore. (Conservative Tribune)

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