Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fox: "Feet of Clay"

Fox still tells the truth, and brings out both sides in politics—usually. But they're just as guilty as the other networks of IGNORING certain news if things don't go their way. As it didn't in the recent Donald Trump “contretemps” where he “skipped” their Republican debate and held his own event concurrent with theirs, but on rival CNN in a “feud” with one of their moderators. I've been waiting and waiting for Fox to mention the results of Trump's event on CNN, and, aside from a few mentions of Trump's name in passing, NOTHING. 

I don't watch CNN except for Saturday morning because I have no interest in the two shows Fox runs from 9 to 11, one of which is all about the stock market, in which I have NO interest, the other about fancy, expensive real estate, in which also I have no interest. NOTHING has been said on Fox (to my knowledge) about how many watched Trump's event in comparison to those who watched the Fox event. And that's something I'd like very much to know. On CNN, however, Trump has been almost “wall-to-wall.” I really had to search for the results, but on CNN Money, they said “Trumpless” numbers on Fox was the second lowest of all the Republican debates.

Even though, according to CNN (IF you can believe CNN about anything), their numbers were still four times that of Trump's event. Something Fox SHOULD have been trumpeting, if true. But if you add MSNBC numbers (which also carried Trump's event, his results are much more impressive, at about 3 million. That's still low, compared to previous Fox debates, which numbered 23 and 24 million. Based on those numbers alone, Trump's boycott of the Fox event was no very successful. But in the overall, he still got a huge amount of coverage generally, even if they mostly ignored the numbers. I think his action was a mistake on his part, but, as usual, I don't think it's going to hurt him much. (News Max)

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